Ever since SNAP opened there’s been a stunning selection of dogs through the doors and every single one has been a total star. In fact if you dawdle outside with your dog it will be about a minute before you are summoned through the door for a meet and greet. Name, age, breed…customer service will nosedive as Helen is distracted by your fluffy friend. New customers are pleasantly surprised that the store is dog friendly and the dog policy is somewhat enthusiastic.

Plenty of dogs now take a turn straight into the shop when walking past, irrelevant of whether their owner planned a trip or not. (Sorry). It’s a good spot for them with the Hounds of Bow close by, and Thompsons across the road (apparently the pigs ears are exceptional)

In 6 years there has only been one ‘accident’, that involved an over excited whippet puppy called Humphrey. We’re still friends, even though he’s now living the dream in LA.

As an independent business it’s great to be able to allow people to come and shop with their dogs, and there are plenty pottering around in East London. Not surprising considering we’re surrounded by magnificent green spaces including Victoria ParkΒ  and Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Plus plenty of dog friendly pubs!

But we can’t forget all the cat people, and we always try to ensure a balanced mix of cat and dog products to keep everyone happy. We’ve even had a couple of cats in-store, hiding out from frosty landlords or returning from the V.E.T.

And finally a note on the most bizarre animal visitor so far- a speedy sidetracked squirrel who charged in unannounced. After a quick turn around the shop he sped out the door never to be seen again.

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