When SNAP first opened six years ago, a man came in the shop and asked ‘if cards are still in fashion?’ The truth is, they are very much in fashion and the UK is very much in love with them. In fact, if the figures are to be believed, we’re spending more on cards than ever before. According to the Greeting Card Association we send more per person than any other nation. The UK is a creative hub of beautifully designed contemporary and traditional cards, with hundreds of large and small publishers selling to the UK and beyond.

But why do we love cards so much? What is it about a piece of paper that can be so powerful?

Here at SNAP every day customers come through the door with stories. And the cards they buy are part of their stories. They buy them to say sorry, to say well done, congratulations, I love you, happy birthday, goodbye, good luck and every possible reason in between. They can be for the happiest reasons, the sweetest reasons, the silliest reasons, and the most heartbreaking reasons. But what is clear is the power a small card can have. A few words can mean everything in times of need.

There have been endless moments of laughter in the shop, as people giggle at the silly cards. Alongside that have been tears of sadness as people have looked for the card that will convey their love and support at a time when someone needs it the most.  A card can – and often does – offer support long after its arrival on the doormat.

So maybe that’s why paper can be so powerful. They are part of a story, whether silly or serious, sweet or sarcastic. A card can mean a little, and it can mean so much. That folded piece of paper has hidden powers.